Ms. Shelley's Pony School - Horse Program for Young Children
Are you interested in operating your own Pony School?
I am currently developing/publishing the curriculum and will be making it available for sale starting sometime next year. Anyone who purchases the curriculum will become a Pony School Member Affiliate, will be included on this website, and will simply pay a small yearly licensing fee.  This is a great way to supplement your lesson income, as Pony School can easily be offered during the school day when your older students are unavailable.  It also creates a steady stream of lesson clients as children "graduate" from Pony School and continue into regular riding lessons.  It is super easy to teach, and requires only one small, well-behaved pony and a small space (preferably indoor arena) for children to sit and play.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program or are interested in bringing it to your facility! 
Here are some additional questions you may want to ask yourself before getting started with Pony School:
1.      Is there a market in my area for this program?  If you live in an area that does not attract many young families, you may not have enough interested families.  If your school system is overflowing, there are preschools on every corner, and the most popular spot in town is the jungle gym at Chick Fil A, you are probably pretty safe!
2.      Do I have access to a safe small pony?  The pony that you use must be as bomb-proof as a pony can be, small enough that a toddler can easily reach its sides with a grooming tool, and strong enough to carry a hefty 5 year old (as much as 50-60 pounds!).
3.      Do I have access to a facility with an indoor area?  An indoor ring  or other indoor space is very helpful, if not essential.
4.      Do I have time to field numerous phone calls and emails?
5.      Do I have an operating budget that will allow me to advertise this program in particular?
6.      Do I have sufficient knowledge about horses and experience with small children? Or can I hire someone who has both knowledge of horses and small children?
7.     Do I mind having a group of parents watch me “perform” in front of their children?
8.      Am I able to help lift small children onto the pony?
9.      Am I able to walk with the pony, watch the child on the pony, and give simple directions at the same time?
10.  Am I patient and do I have a sense of humor??
11.  Does Pony School sound like fun?
If you can answer yes to these questions, please contact me and we'll get your own Pony School up and running as soon as possible!!
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