Ms. Shelley's Pony School - Horse Program for Young Children

"I often get asked really? Pony school at 2? And the answer is YES! I believe if a child shows interest in something, especially animals of any kind you should teach them how to respect and interact with them from the beginning. Ms. Shelley's Pony School/Ride From the Start does just that. My daughter will be 4 shortly, and she can not only tell you some of the differences between breeds of horses and what the correct name for their colors are. But she can also tell you what each comb for the horse is and what to do with it. As well as why she loves learning her two point positioning while riding… "Because I'm going to jump one day!" They not only gain knowledge, but they gain confidence and you can literally see them grow from their experiences. The way Ms. Shelley has developed her program keeps all of the kids interacting and interested, even when it's someone else's turn to ride! So yes I am a huge advocate of Ms. Shelley's program and can't thank her enough for nurturing my daughter's curiosity of equestrian! ~See for yourself from some recent pictures from her class! A pictures worth a thousand words! Sincerely, Brenda"

"We have really enjoyed the time spent with you-I love that the kids get to sing songs and do crafts and hear stories along with brushing and riding Daisy-it has been well worth it, and I'm so glad the kids can experience this!" - Bethany

"Kenzie has been going for 3 months and just loves all the activities. She talks about Pony school all the time." - Penni

"We love Ms. Shelley!  She is so welcoming and warm with the children that they can't wait to return.  Her instruction in pony school is perfect for little ones and her private lessons are geared toward the individual child.  My daughter has been working with Ms. Shelley for three years and she has progressed beautifully.  I highly recommend that you give Ms. Shelley's Pony School a try!"  - Becky

"My daughter was one of Miss Shelley's first Pony School students. She did the program for 1.5 years. We absolutely loved all that she learned and how this program gave her the tools to become a good rider. The crafts were always fun too! Her current riding instructor is always amazed how well my daughter knows the parts of the horse which she learned at Pony School! Thank you Shelley for the great job you did!!!"  - Cheryl

"My favorite horse experience has been watching Clarissa riding for over a year now- she's learned so much and has so much fun riding, grooming and feeding treats! I'm so proud and pony school has been a great experience for both of us!"  - Nicole

"Can not rave enough about Ms. Shelley's Pony school... my little bits were so engaged in her age appropriate paced lessons. She does a fantastic job incorporating her knowledge in kid friendly terms!" - Cathy

"Seeing my 2 1/2 yo grandson having a blast riding Daisy, is my favorite horse and my favorite horse experience ever!!!! All thanks to his wonderful teacher, Shelly."  - Linda

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